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On July 14, 2014, with the final whistle sounded. The German tank lifted the twentieth Jules Rimet Trophy. While cheering for Germany, we also feel sorry for Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and other strong teams. Messi Cuccittini faced off against the Dutch Orange, with Neymar’s injury causing Brazil’s rout. “If there were no injuries, maybe the outcome would have changed.” In an unknown town in China, two young people said so. RoverGun aims to provide professional and effective MASSAGE GUN for global athletes.



  • Powerful fascia massage gun pro (MG-001)
  • Muscle Relax massage gun pro 1 (MG-004)
  • Physiotherapy Equipment massage gun pro 2 (MG-006)
  • Aluminium alloy massage gun pro (MG-008)
  • Handheld fitness vibration massage gun pro 3 (MG-009)
  • Plastic mini massage gun (MG-007)
  • Aluminium alloy mini massage gun (MG-005)

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Let you know more

  • What are the mistakes in using the massage gun?

    As one of the most popular sports and fitness equipment, the massage gun is trusted by more and more consumers because of its novelty and comfort, and even more consumers. But just because of its wide spread, because of its professional characteristics, there are some misunderstandings that are e...

  • Master the massage gun that easily solves muscle fatigue in one hand

    Before we know it, the ordinary working life of a mediocre day begins, and what greets us is the motivation brought by the new day. I believe that every friend in the workplace will have the same feeling. The busy work brings lingering tiredness and more and more intense enthusiasm. As a result, ...

  • Is the massage gun a panacea?

    The massage gun has been known by more and more consumers since last year, and this year it has become popular on the Internet.” It has gradually become a massage artifact from a niche fitness product. Some news also claim that the massage gun can lose weight, shape, and treat. Cervical spondylos...

  • How to use a massage gun for deep muscle massage?

    Massage guns are now not only popular in sports circles, but also used by many office workers. The massage gun has a great effect on exercise relaxation, although the use of the massage gun seems very simple, as if hitting an uncomfortable part of the body. Is this really true? 1. Applicable peop...

  • Massage guns are the best option for muscle relaxation

    As a great artifact for warming up before exercise and relaxing and reducing fatigue after exercise, the massage gun is gradually used by consumers. In addition to being used after exercise, the massage gun machine can also be used as a tool to relieve muscle soreness after sitting for a long tim...