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On July 14, 2014, with the final whistle sounded. The German tank lifted the twentieth Jules Rimet Trophy. While cheering for Germany, we also feel sorry for Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and other strong teams. Messi Cuccittini faced off against the Dutch Orange, with Neymar’s injury causing Brazil’s rout. “If there were no injuries, maybe the outcome would have changed.” In an unknown town in China, two young people said so. RoverGun aims to provide professional and effective MASSAGE GUN for global athletes.



  • Powerful fascia massage gun pro (MG-001)
  • Muscle Relax massage gun pro 1 (MG-004)
  • Physiotherapy Equipment massage gun pro 2 (MG-006)
  • Aluminium alloy massage gun pro (MG-008)
  • Handheld fitness vibration massage gun pro 3 (MG-009)
  • Plastic mini massage gun (MG-007)
  • Aluminium alloy mini massage gun (MG-005)
  • Wireless electric vibration massage gun(MG-035)

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Let you know more

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    With so many products on the market, how can we avoid unsuitable products and choose real high-quality products suitable for our physical condition? When purchasing, you must also master the following purchasing skills: 1. The vibration frequency is not as high as possible Generally, the vibratio...

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    Is the massage gun harmful to the human body? massage gun is a popular relaxation tool nowadays, but because there are many products on the market, many of them are not professional, and there are problems such as weak hitting, weak thrust, insufficient compatibility and even muscle damage. If yo...

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    With the development of social economy, exercise and fitness have become a hobby of more and more people in their leisure time. Exercise and fitness can not only strengthen the body but also release the pressure accumulated in work and life. It is a good activity for contemporary people to reduce...

  • How to choose the massage gun in the market?

    After fitness training, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, and the muscles are over-tensioned at rest, which is prone to fascia adhesion, which affects muscle recovery and growth, and the body will experience discomfort. Compared with massage methods such as foam rollers and fascia balls, t...

  • The Perfect Partner Massage Gun for Fitness Enthusiasts

    The massage gun is a very popular fitness equipment in recent years. It is very suitable for relaxing after fitness, but do you need to use the massage gun after every workout? The answer is to use it immediately after exercising. massage gun massage is actually vibration therapy. This operation ...